1110 Solder System

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  • The MFR-1110 Single Output Series is highly versatile and can be used with either a soldering cartridge, soldering tip, tweezers or a de-solder tool.
  • Each hand-piece has a comprehensive range of cartridges and rework tips for maximum flexibility.
  • Metcal SmartHeat® Technology ensures that No Calibration is required.
Part Number Description
MFR-1110 Solder System
SFP-CH10 Cartridge Chisel, 1.0 mm
SFP-CH15 Cartridge Chisel, 1.5 mm
SFP-CH25 Cartridge Chisel, 2.5 mm
SFP-CNL04 Cartridge Conical, Ø 0.4 mm
SFP-CNB05 Cartridge Conical, bend Ø 0.5 mm

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